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AntiCancer 101 is a leading and trusted source of scientifically proven and plausible natural anti-cancer information, primarily for empowerment of cancer survivors through accurate knowledge. It is also for those who simply desire to prevent cancer using natural means.

Our mission is to supply the information and tools that can help cancer survivors recapture and lead a healthy recurrence-free lifestyle. We strive to create a community where cancer survivors from all over the world can come together in support and celebration of each others’ successes in proactively optimizing their health naturally.

Please join others in this very unique and personal journey towards success in healthy survivorship.

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Founded and created in 2005 by Dr.Steve Vasilev, a board certified oncologist, author and professor, AntiCancer 101 is an outgrowth of his integrative oncology medicine interests, research and practice. Initially privately released to patients and cancer survivors world-wide by word of mouth behind a limited access program, it is now being expanded and available to anyone who feels they can benefit from these integrative anticancer strategies.

The concept and mission is simple. Mainstream therapy with an appropriate combination of surgery, chemo and radiation upfront offers the best chances for cancer survivorship. Despite the propaganda out there, we have made tons of advances in anticancer medicine. However, that is the “industrial strength therapy” that attacks cancer cells and tumors once they have already overwhelmed the body’s defenses. What comes BEFORE that in prevention or NEXT and is there anything that can be done DURING treatment to improve quality of life and reduce cancer recurrence risk naturally?

The anticancer answer is different for any given individual but enhancing health and supporting your body to resist recurrence using natural strategies is never a bad idea. The result is an integrative approach which seeks the balanced truth and is the voice of reason about cancer prevention, whether that be primary, secondary or tertiary. In other words, regardless of whether you have had cancer or just trying to prevent it from happening to you in the first place.

AntiCancer 101 information is based on scientific proof and/or plausibility for the best strategies available out there, including the basics of optimal nutrients, exercise, supplements and herbals, as well as mind-body approaches and other complementary integrative concepts. We weed out the garbage that is implausible, impossible and harmful, leaving the very best strategies to choose from. Finally, we are always reviewing the research on natural integrative anticancer strategies and translating the concepts and essential information into English from medicalese.

We have free information on the Anticancer 101 blog, a complimentary and introductory anticancer report “10 Ways to Defeat Cancer”, a free newsletter, products that delve deeper into various life enhancing topics and strategies and resources for the best supportive materials and products that we can find on an ongoing basis.

We are obligated to state that the materials offered on this blog and in related materials, including our newsletter, have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not meant to diagnose, treat or prevent any disease. Only surgery, drugs and radiation can make these claims in cancer diagnosis, prevention and therapy. Please work with an oncologist at all times. This is meant to supplement and NOT supplant standard therapy and NOT meant to replace a trusted physician-patient relationship.

Success in defeating cancer is a team effort which includes your oncologist, qualified supportive professionals and an empowered YOU. We empower YOU with quality natural and integrative anticancer information so YOU can contribute to YOUR best shot at quality survivorship.