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One of the main recommendations of most experts in the field of integrative oncology is to balance your Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio. Omega 3 is the anti-inflammatory version of this beneficial fatty acid and is found in fish oil and flaxseed. The best source by far is actually from a small shrimp-like organism called Krill. It may be up to 47 times more effective than any other source can provide. We recommend this particular one for your needs because this is a known reputable manufacturer: Get KRILL OMEGA


After treatment with chemotherapy and/or radiation, and even after bowel resection, intestinal irritability issues are common. If you have had IBS or irritable bowel syndrome on its own before or without any anticancer therapy, you know that it is a difficult condition to treat. Dietary modifications, anti-inflammatory medications and other pharmacologic therapies sometimes work but are often disappointing. Using natural approaches, including probiotics, PRE-biotics (essentially food for the good bacteria in your gut) and a blend of fiber and natural anti-inflammatories (in this case CHIA superfood), it is possible to get your intestine back on track and get rid of the pain, bloating and diarrhea. This is a particularly good blend. Get DIGESTION SUPPORT from DIGESTIVE SCIENCE


Even though “Chemo Brain” is STILL not a proven long term side effect, if you are among those affected YOU know it exists! During and after chemo you may be noticing that your mind and memory are just not as sharp as they were or you are flat out totally frustrated by embarrassing and quality of life altering “moments” when you can’t remember critical information. Maybe you feel like you are in a fog all the time. Well the science of brain wave entrainment borrows on ancient mind-body techniques that yogis have used for centuries and brought it into the 21st century. YOU can benefit from these techniques and tools, just like those who have not had to endure chemo. Go REVIEW BRAIN WAVE ENTRAINMENT HERE ! SPECIAL BONUS: You get a FREE month’s supply of the supplement “Acuity” which contains critical brain boosting natural ingredients.